Ahern Financial Management works with founder-led firms that seek to profitably grow and thrive. If you have strong values, a clear vision, and the determination to be financially strong and relevant over the long haul, we can help you. We work with founders who expect their firms to create value for them and continue to do so long after they retire. To ensure this, you need systems, financial controls, and resources in place to support and enable your growth. Our experienced business guidance can help you navigate inevitable challenges and achieve your goals.  We work with clients in different industries but have particular expertise in the following areas:

We specialize in working with design, engineering, marketing, PR and consulting firms. We understand these businesses. We have relevant experience and deep knowledge of the types of challenges these firms face, and the metrics, systems, and processes required to drive success. We can effectively manage the financial aspects of your firm, share best practices, and help with strategic matters because of that experience.
We have experience supporting and advising start-ups across a wide range of different industries, including medical device, technology, consumer products and travel.  We will help you get your systems set up and handle the financial management of your business so you can focus on building it. We know sometimes things are a little messy before we get involved but we can help bring order to that chaos.


We engage when a firm experiences an increased level of complexity or encounters issues that impede growth and success. Maybe you have outgrown the systems that got you this far. Or you are dissatisfied with the level of profitability you are achieving and recognize you don’t know how to fix it. Or maybe you are just getting started and need help getting up and running. We will work with you as long as you need us. We jump in fully to each engagement, but also take great pleasure in helping to create outcomes that mean we are no longer needed.


Founders who use our services receive:

  • Peace of mind

  • Meaningful/useable information

  • Timely support

  • Updated and efficient systems and processes

  • A better handle on financial performance

  • A trusted advisor who understands their business and is available when needed

  • More control over the firm’s destiny and the confidence and freedom that allows them to focus on what they do best


Jim and his team enjoy working with passionate professionals and founders that have strong values and a clear vision. We thrive as an integral part of your team, but we retain a requisite level of objectivity so we can provide meaningful feedback, perspective and advice. We take great pride in providing support that will enable your firm to do great work AND be successful.

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